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How I made 1 BTC after 4 years and 163 days

This is follow up post to this which got so much engagments. Thanks you guys for all the congratulations! Too many people for me to be able to answer asked about the approach I used and how I did it, so I will answer here. Below are the most important lessons I learned. So basically I finally reached 1 btc after 4 years and 163 days being from "almost-a-third-world-country". ​ * The best day to start is yesterday: I started to DCA in 2019 (not proper DCA, just bought a little here and there). So even if if my DCA was not disciplined, it didn't matter. Today, the absolute most important factor was that I started all the way back then. This is the main reason I have 1 BTC today. * Use a wallet: I started using a wallet because to pass KYC on some exchanges back then when you are not from a "nice" country is very hard. I think this was luck because so many people have lost their BTC to centralized exchanges this past 2 years... * Custom DCA Strategy: Most people actually asked about this. I DCA'd regularly but I screwed up during the bull run. Bought in hype and sold some in panic - lost many of my sats/$$. After that I started DCA as regular again but I used the risk model from alphasquared to basically adjust the amount I DCA. It helped a ton speeding up my accumulation and I made a lot of my sats/$$ back that I lost. Invested for most of my cash stack during the bottom last year because of it. Bonus tip: Influencers never helped me, for all these years they always turned out to be wrong in the end. Just look at last cycle. Bitcoin does what Bitcoin wants! Thanks again guys and good luck submitted by /u/Galavanta [link] [comments]