If a country wants to keep bitcoin within their borders they will have to remove tax on bitcoin transactions.

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Greenville, SC

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I’m curious.. how much cash/fiat reserves do you keep?

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FIAT always becomes worthless - it's cheaper to tile with pennies than porcelain - pretty tho!

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Give Me Self-Custody Or Give Me Death


Mt. Gox to Start Bitcoin Repayments in July

I've built a real-time updating dashboard for all important economic, network, blockchain, and trading metrics for bitcoin and bitcoin only, all in one place

Had a great chat with Jimmy Song at BTC Prague! His unwavering, positive outlook on Bitcoin, privacy, and centralization issues is truly inspiring.

I'm selling a property soon and will be investing into Bitcoin.

Oldie but goodie

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🎬 Historic CNN video from 2011, about one of the first bitcoin miners Using a simple graphics processor, Eric Elliot mined 1 BTC every day, having a very good visionary understanding of Bitcoin technology for the time

This dude sold his house to go all in… legend!🀣

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Let's buy all togheter the 1st of september Bitcoin.

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