Epiphany after years of consideration (Politics, Ethics, Philosophy)

I've reached a point on the bitcoin/libertarian journey that seems like the end. It seems like this is it, and surely it must be naïve and wrong, but it doesn't seem that way to me. The thing is, it seems like I can describe all my political beliefs in one sentence... it's almost too simple:
All unethical acts involve the removal of information or consent.

So maybe someone might say: All ethical laws laws involve making information available so that others can consent, and providing the ability to consent.

Because when I ask my liberal friend why we have the government, he says something like: "With pure freedom there will be chaos and scams as human nature will lead us to wrong one another."

This to me implies the liberal thinks that libertarians want only consent, in that someone could get the consent of grandma to take her savings away. But I don't think there is such a thing as consent without being first informed, so proper consent requires sufficient information.

As a second note. I think it's interesting seeing so many areas in the west having conversations about succession. I've heard Texas is preparing, Quebec has attempted such a thing for a long time, Alberta has started along the path, and then there are the various succession from the EU.

Just as two adults may part their relationships when consent is lost, states may say 'I do not consent' and succeed. The nature of a relationship is what matters, not the number of people, so if a state/province can succeed from a country, isn't it clear that there should be individual succession as well? Seems like an easy way to defund things that you don't consent to... aka things that don't represent you. submitted by /u/Able_Camel_4290
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