I'm selling a property soon and will be investing into Bitcoin.

Ast he title says, will be getting around $75k which is not much. But the property is in a third world country so even if I get that it's gonna be amazing.

Now as I already have everything that I need. I want to use that money (not all of course) to make me more money.

Considering all my options, Bitcoin is my ideal option to double my money in a few years.

Now considering $75k is enough for me to not work for 6 years.

Doubling that would mean 12 years of no meaningless 9-5 work.

I will hovewer work on myself and my online business as that excites me.

Bitcoin will give me the freedom I deserve to live my life on my own terms.

My question is, has anyone done something similar? What do you recommend doing in this situation?

(I agree that for some $75k is not even a year's salary, so be reasonable that not everyone needs 10k a month.)

PS: I'm from EU and we don't have Roth IRA, 401k, etc.

EDIT:(Im not a beginner, bought BTC at 23k this cicle, I didn't say im gonna buy it at ATH now, just that Bitcoin is the greatest option there is in terms of ROI and im only interested in BTC not any other asset classes. I Wanted to connect to like minded people to talk about this, and I found them.)

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