Interesting "Lost passphrase" Question...

So Long long story short, my stepson passed away a few weeks ago, and it has not been exactly fun.

After going through finances, computers, etc, cleaning stuff out I found his Ledger wallet. I told him to keep his passphrases written down, put into a safe, whatever, just don't F-ing lose it.

So I found it, but he spilt a liquid on the sheet that takes out about 4 of the twenty something words. A few of the 4 phrases are almost able to be made out... but I'm not certain on any of them.

My first idea was to seek a handwriting analysist, because, I could give it a shot and try my guesses but couldn't that lock out permanently after a certain amount of tries? My other worry is if I give the analyst full permission to look at the sheet, shouldnt i be worried they take the phrases and cash out? Or am I being too paranoid?

No matter what happens, we have to just look back and kinda laugh at the whole scenario. :)

Any help / advice welcome. Thanks. submitted by /u/Easy_Butterscotch_71
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