Strike App UK quizz answers

BS UK financial regulation. I failed my 1st try yesterday, had to wait 24 hours and passed on my 2nd try. Strike served me different questions this time around. Here are the answers, paraphrased:

Yesterday's set: 1. Strike allows users to buy and sell bitcoin along with offering other bitcoin functionality. 2. Cryptoassets are potentially complex and volatile, differing significantly from mainstream investments. As a result, they can be considered high-risk investments. 3. Strike / me 4. As with any service provider, I am subject to risks relating to that provider, such as operational risks. If Strike is subject to an outage, cyber attack, or similar event, I may experience service delays including an inability to buy or sell assets. 5. Both of the above are correct. 6. All of the above.

Today's set: 1. Bitcoin 2. Investing in cryptoassets guarantees high returns due to their innovative nature and market demand. 3. I would be affected; my rights would be subject to the insolvency process affecting Strike, and I may suffer losses or delays, depending on the outcome of that process. 4. If there is an operational outage or a lack of market liquidity, I may not be able to readily sell bitcoin through Strike. 5. Cryptoassets are almost guaranteed to rise substantially in value, with a low chance of loss. 6. Cryptoassets are generally considered high-risk investments, and investors should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. submitted by /u/mitosischeck
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