Found lost Bitcoin and other wallets information, not sure what to do now

I'm not 100% sure if this is the place to ask but I don't know what else to do I recently bought a book online from Goldstones, and found 2 piece of paper inside. For obvious reasons I wont add pictures, but I will list what I found on them ​ * An email under hushmail that no longer works - tried to email but got error response * Username and Password for multiple websites * One unknown, maybe the email? * Slushpool * Worker * Dogepool * Darkcoin * Orridge ​ * Bitcoin Wallet ID, name and Root key ​ Although I'm fairly ignorant of bitcoin I know how important alot of this information is for someone and their security ​ I've tried to email the hushmail account, as well as find the owner of the wallets via the multiple usernames on the papers but to no avail What should I do with this data? Thank you for any help ​ EDIT 1: Against my initial judgement I tried to log into the armory account and the log in failed. Whether this was due to my own mistakes or the information being outdated I don't know Since the email doesnt work, the root code doesnt work and the usernames aren't taking me anywhere I'm going to assume all information has been changed after the owner lost the paperwork ​ Just in case I will keep them until I can contact goldstones support tomorrow morning ​ I want to thank everyone for their help in the comments again, especially the warnings against potential scams submitted by /u/Xynjak [link] [comments]