🗣 U.S. presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. on bitcoin: “I recognized that freedom of transaction is very important. If the government has the ability to punish you by shutting down your bank account without even charging you with a crime, it has absolute power in making us slaves”

One in Four Americans Own Bitcoin: Unchained Study

FutureBit Announces Apollo II Line of Personal Miners

I have an extreme idea, but it is a good one.

Thats why your portifolio is dead

Block CEO Jack Dorsey Leads $6.2 Million Investment Round In Decentralized Bitcoin Mining Pool

MuSig2 Is Ready Pending Two New BIPs: Introducing A New Era Of Multisig Privacy

WATCH: Block CEO Jack Dorsey to Discuss Bitcoin Mining Decentralization

I made a video on reducing fees while saving/spending in a high fee environment. TLDW: no withdrawal exchange, direct peg-in to liquid, swap to LN for spending, build up and peg out to on-chain when it's efficient to do so. Details in vid.

Finally got all my Corn moved from Ledger to my Blockstream Jade!

Nano ledger question

Lightning Is Doomed

DEMAND Launches World’s First Stratum V2 Bitcoin Mining Pool

Senator Cynthia Lummis explains that in the future Bitcoin will be the apex saving technology. She believes it will serve as a global reserve currency amongst a basket of goods. 🤯

Why the etf is a huge deal

I’m selling

I want to believe

Can anyone explain this to me? Do I pay this!?!?

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce: “No Reason” Against Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin saved this Township in Peru

Are we already in a bull run?

As a larger community, can we please stop being SO desperate for adoption that we are willing to platform any idiot - so long as they signal our mere existence?

Encourage bitcoin friendly businesses and proove them wrong

Whoever told to DCA are fking kings y'all

Bitcoin is Venice: An eye opening read.

Bitcoin: The Future Of Money Or The Esperanto Of Money?

Cost of taxation vs. the cantillon effect

This is why we are in a raging bull market!

Bitcoin: The World's First Decentralized Organization

New Research Center Opens In Serbia's Capital To Drive Bitcoin Innovation

An Interview With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Beware of Bitcoiners!!!

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #278

What is the case for keeping a KYC/nonKYC stack?

State Adoption: A Trojan Horse Challenging Core Tenet's Of Personal Liberty

"The computer can be used as a tool to liberate and protect people, rather than to control them" ~ Hal Finney

Are Mining Pools Becoming A Problem?

World's Largest Bitcoin, Crypto Exchange Binance Founder CZ To Resign As CEO, Plead Guilty

Bitcoin And Austrian Economics: Insights From Tuur Demeester

Bitcoin Magazine Launches Bitcoin Crocs

Perfect first date

Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy: Fed is Afraid of BTC

What the Lightning network shares with the Smartphone Camera?

Take the wheel Bitcoin

🇦🇷 Argentina’s new President Javier Milei on money printing.

Bitcoin Price Up 400% Since CashApp First Began Letting Users Buy

Grayscale CEO Says They're "Ready For The Main Event", Awaiting Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval

Trump, Tucker, and Bitcoin: A Winning Ticket for America

Bitcoin: Redefining Ownership

Taproot Wizards Raise $7.5 Million to Advance Ordinals, L2s, Zk-Snarks on Bitcoin

Daily Discussion, November 18, 2023

Put in a Reasonable Fee but Transaction still unconfirmed for 8 hours?

El Salvador has now been buying 1 BTC/day for an entire year

How To Use Gold To Protect Yourself. Hilarious short video, Bitcoin is exponential gold

How to get to a same private key sharing new SegWit address transferred BTC back?

UBS Embraces Crypto: Wealthy Clients Gain Access To Futures ETFs Trading In Hong Kong

Here's what happens when a bitcoin maxi (me) goes to a crypto conf

Don’t make my mistakes - don’t sell BTC

Sad day, can’t stay in BTC

Bitcoin Isn't Dead: The Story Of Bitcoins Resilience

Should I transfer my emergency funds to bitcoin?

Don't be a panic seller

The Union Of Bitcoin And The Climate Change Agenda

Bitcoin Price Surges to 18-Month High Above $37,000

Is this the word getting out about a Friday ETF approval announcement?

The Story of Bitcoin

SEC's 8-Day Countdown for 12 Bitcoin ETFs starts TOMORROW

Bitcoin Beyond BIP-300: What Future Holds For ‘DeFi On BTC’

Bitcoin Price Up 15,000,000% Since First Blogger Obituary

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Supplier of Over 40,000 Merchants in El Salvador Now Accepts Bitcoin