Bitcoin Collateralized Loans

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Fold Will Be Your Bitcoin Bank With CEO Will Reeves

BlackRock’s $20 Billion IBIT Becomes The World's Largest Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin Privacy On Trial: Samourai Developers' First Court Hearing Recap

JUST IN: Healthcare company Semler Scientific adopts Bitcoin as its primary treasury reserve asset and buys 581 BTC — worth $40 million.

Building the Future of Bitcoin Education

Bitcoin ETPs Begin Trading on the London Stock Exchange

Daily Discussion, May 27, 2024

Whatever It Takes

Bitcoin has ups and down's

"If you sell your Bitcoin to Blackrock you probably won't be getting it back"

Adopting Bitcoin Arnhem 2024

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Trump: "I will support the right to self-custody. To the Nations 50 million crypto holders, I say with your vote, I will Keep Elizabeth Warren and her goons away from your Bitcoin."

Treating BTC like a savings account

A wealthy man once told me

According to US Senator Brad Sherman Fit21. Bitcoin will replace the dollar as a reserve currency and that will cause a tremendous increase in the dollar and the us economy. GAVEL BANGS YOUR TIME IS UP. Thanks, I could' n't have said itbetterr myself. Let's post highlights of fit21 testimony

Homer Simpson Needs More ₿itcoin

Can a bitcoin address send to itself?

Daily Discussion, May 25, 2024

Michael Saylor And Quoth the Raven: The Conundrum of Central Planning

If Bitcoin underpins the system some day then the days we're in now will spawn legends.

Frozen BOA Account going on 6 months

SEC Approves Spot Ethereum ETFs

What is the one bitcoin book that changed your life?

U.S. House passed the FIT21 bill by over 2/3 majority on Pizza Day! How do you guys think it'll affect Bitcoin?

Digital Second Amendment: Preserving Bitcoin Rights

Combating Financial Repression With Bitcoin: Human Rights Activists to Gather at The 2024 Oslo Freedom Forum

Happy Bitcoin pizza day 🎉

The Wrong Lessons of Pizza Day

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day

America’s First Bitcoin President: Trump Now Accepts Crypto Donations

Whistleblowing In The Surveillance Age

OP_CAT & Bitcoin Ossification With Blockstream’s Andrew Poelstra

Ecash Makes Bitcoin (And Fiat) Private With Calle’s Cashu

Ecash Makes Bitcoin — And CBDCs — Private With Calle’s Cashu

Everything Old Is New Again

The New Wave Of Bitcoin L2s Are Sidechains

Bitcoin Policy Institute Launches Fund to Defend Non-Custodial Tools from Regulatory Threats

Craig Wright Lied and Forged Documents: Judge Rules

Bitcoin Lightning Wallet ZEUS Isn’t Going Anywhere

$5.1 Billion Pension Fund CIO Joins Non-profit Organization Focused on Bitcoin Adoption

Bitcoin is knowledge

Orange Pilling Has Stopped Working

Ex-BlackRock Bitcoin ETF Lead Appointed New Vanguard CEO

Navigating the Maze of Online Investment Scams in the USA: A 2024 Guide

Michael Saylor's Microstrategy holds 214,400 #Bitcoin worth over $14,200,000,000

MSCI ACWI Index ($4 trillion benchmarked) is adding $MSTR by market close on May 31st—Passive flows are about to eat #bitcoin.

🍕 Today marks the 14th anniversary of the legendary bitcoin offer from Laszlo Heinitz

A majority (52%) of the nation's largest hedge funds are betting on Bitcoin

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