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🗣 U.S. presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. on bitcoin: “I recognized that freedom of transaction is very important. If the government has the ability to punish you by shutting down your bank account without even charging you with a crime, it has absolute power in making us slaves”

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One in Four Americans Own Bitcoin: Unchained Study

Unchained study reveals staggering growth in BTC ownership among US investors, citing regulatory clarity and economic factors as key influencers for 2024.

FutureBit Announces Apollo II Line of Personal Miners

The Apollo II and Apollo OS 2.0 Software paves the way for personalized, decentralized mining.

I have an extreme idea, but it is a good one.

I have been trying to cut down on cost of living just to buy more Bitcoin, but rent and food take up a large part which i cannot cut down on.

As such, i am moving near to the woods, where i can live for free and set traps for say like rabbits and stuff. The only problem is electricity and water but i got my genny and water from lake.

Think i will save around $1600 each month and thats $20k half a Bitcoin in one year. Might as well do it now if price is gonna rocket in 2024/2025.

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Thats why your portifolio is dead

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