account wallet de-verified me and locked my crypto

I have had a account wallet since last summer 2022. I was fully verified and had the highest limits allowed. I never really used the wallet much until October of last year. I used it quite a bit then in December they locked my account and demanded to know how i make a living, where I get the money from.. .etc. I happily sent in bank statements, tax documents, ID, everything. I have nothing to hide. I’m in business for myself and I won some money at my local casino. Which i showed and proved to them. The last communication I had with the “relevant team handling my case” was December 23 2022. It’s been 8 months and I still dont have my crypto. I can see it in my account wallet… Can’t transfer it. My wallet says to contact support to get my money. I have contacted them so many times I cant count. I have messaged their twitter. I get the same answers of them telling me to be more patient which makes me want to put my fist through my computer. I cant understand for the life of me why they continue to perpetuate this unnecessary problem they created. Ive begged, pleaded and tried my hardest to connect with their live chat in a more “human” way in hopes someone would have a heart and do a little work to get me my money. They blocked my zendesk to access my support tickets until a few days ago. I had to switch e mails to get them to respond to support tickets. The “relevant team” finally e mailed me asking me for a external wallet to transfer MY MONEY to. I literally received that e mail august 3 at 330am eastern standard time. I responded in 30 seconds with the info asked for. It’s now Sunday August 6th and I still dont have my damn money. I have filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Board. I told I did that. I am filing another complaint to the Office of Computer Control tomorrow. I have told if they dont give me my money now I will find out where there local authorities are and contact them as well as mine. I need my money to pay bills. (Which ive told them). Does anyone have any kind of insight into this? I’m literally feeling like I’m going mad. I can’t fathom why they continue to do this. submitted by /u/Environmental_Bid980 [link] [comments]