Buying BTC on Cash App

Want to share my experience with Cash App in case it helps anyone. I was using Strike to DCA, but it has recently turned into a cluster f*ck. First, Direct Deposit stopped working, then debit cards, then linked bank accounts. I tried sticking it through with them bc I think what they're doing is awesome, but I decided to finally jump ship. Anyway, back to Cash App. Keep in mind, KYC was not really a concern. I gave up on that long ago. Also worth noting that I'm a HODL'er so trading features wasn't really a concern either. The setup was rather simple: * Sign up * Link debit card * Had to provide my Address during this step * Buy Bitcoin * Withdraw Bitcoin * Had to provide State ID and Face Photo during this step... I know, I know but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ * Also had to answer some basic questions about where I work and what I do. * The verification process took no more than a minute or two * Done Here's the breakdown on my first purchase I did from the trial run in USD: Purchase amount: $50. Fee: $1.12. Total Received After Purchase: $48.88. This results in a ~2.25% fee What really surprised me is that I was able to withdraw to my cold wallet right away so kudos to CashApp. I chose the cheapest/slowest option (Standard) for withdrawal. This was confirmed in my cold wallet within 15 minutes with a total received of $48.85. More kudos All in all, not complaints here but lmk if there's any red flags as to why I shouldn't be using CashApp, aside from KYC submitted by /u/Evening-Main-5860 [link] [comments]