If someone offers super long dated, cheap ass options on bitcoin are you obligated to clean them out?

I live in an overseas market where we have access to a spot bitcoin etf. Some schmucko is willing to take the other side of Jan 2026 call options. I still can’t believe someone’s offering such long dated calls. The premium is sitting at $0.17 on the dollar for a $40k usd strike price ie exposure to a full bitcoin for ~$5k. The only comparable I’ve been able to find is MSTR with Dec 2025 call options selling for $75 for a double in the BTC price. These seem like a pretty good deal in themselves and they make the ones in my country look completely mis priced. I always feel like I don’t have enough sats and this seems like a good way opportunity here being an early adopter to leapfrog back a decade and build up a bit of an OG stack. Evolve from shrimp to fish. They’re not very liquid so I’d only buy an amount that I can exercise on. Seems like a bit of a no brainer to build a position in this, no? I’m not saying I’m betting the farm on it but it’s like going back in time a decade to stack sats so you can’t blame a brother for thinking about it. Obvs I know with bitcoin; it’s going to do everything it can to shake me out of my position. Being a HODL’r has decensitized me to seeing red on the screen. Figure even if I lose some fiat on this I can still make it back as long as I keep adding to my cold storage stack. Thoughts? Am I too crazy or not crazy enough? Very small market in my country and Noones aware of these options are, let along what Bitcoin is. I bet you the guy on the other side of these thinks it’s a Ponzi going to zero and he’s taking candy from a baby…. How much candy should I take from him?? submitted by /u/MountainManic186 [link] [comments]