The Top 8 Rarest Bitcoin

* MJB Monetary Metals Series 1 Silver- The first physical Bitcoin, a few months before Casascius! It is an ugly design but Michael Bruce deserves credit for being the first to make a "physical" Bitcoin even if it was purely ornamental.

* MJB Monetary Metals Series 1 Copper- The iconic design that every news article seems to use. While copycats are easy to find the original copper coins from 2012 deserve to be on the list.

* Casascius Series 1 One BTC 2011 Error- The original batch from the most respected brand. The printer made an error on the back of the coins writing "Casacius" not "Casascius". Easy way for collectors to know if they have one from the original production run.

* Casascius Series 1 One BTC 2011 Double Error- Only five known to exist... In addition to misspelling Casascius, the printer accidently placed characters up too high on the back, whoops.

* Casascius Series 1 One Thousand BTC 2011 Gold Coin- Worth an unthinkable amount of money. To own one of these makes you a very lucky man.

* Casascius Series 1 One Thousand BTC 2011 Prototype Gold Coin- A one of one... the prototype was sold to a collector so even among those lucky enough to have 1000 Bitcoins, only one can have the original prototype coin!

* The 10 Bitcoin sent from Satoshi to Hal Finney, the first Bitcoin transaction. Part of history. While you won't be rich for having some or all of those ancient coins, it would still be pretty cool.

* The Last Satoshi- Block 6,929,999 of the blockchain will produce the very last piece of Bitcoin. It won't happen for more than 100 years but just think about how much work, brainpower, electricity, human capital, will go into creating that last piece of Bitcoin. By default it is the hardest to get, the most rare Bitcoin of all. submitted by /u/Th3M0rn1ng5h0w
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