What is your diversification strategy if any?

For a couple of years I've been 90% bitcoin 10% sp500. and then enough cash for emergencies. The reason I haven't gone 100% all in on bitcoin is only because I get a 401k match, and the best thing to get in that 401k is sp500. Many have said that an all-bitcoin portfolio is a terrible idea, even in this sub. But I still do it because I believe that other asset classes will bleed against bitcoin overtime because I think on the macro-scale, it will be bitcoin to back the value of all other assets. sp500, although it grows 7-10% a year, so does inflation. So after inflation, sp500 has only returned 1% According to SPX/USM2. I think bitcoin will demonetize gold and people will leave gold in favor for bitcoin as a store of value over the long term. I think that real estate is good, but you need a lot invested, and it comes with it's own problems. These are my reasons for wanting to go 100% bitcoin even though people in this sub tell me not to do it. So, since you guys don't want a 100% bitcoin portfolio, what do you do then? Do you think bitcoin, sp500, and real estate will cover all bases in terms of sound investment strategy? Some say sp500 alone is a well diversified investment strategy. Others say that SP500 is not diversified because it's only stocks, and US stocks. And not even all US stocks, just 25% tech stocks. Not as diversified as a total stock market index fund. What about diversifying between only bitcoin, sp500, total stock market, real estate, and gold? only those 5 assets? I would assume that this is good diversification. Do you need this much diversification? Or would btc, sp500, real estate do just fine? If it were me I would go all in on bitcoin but everyone in the world tells me not to do it so I guess I have to diversify SOME. Although I still plan on being 90% btc forever. Michael Saylor says diversification is selling the winner to buy the loser. But then again, he has over 150k bitcoins so he has incentive to shill btc ​ submitted by /u/throwaway1bitcoin [link] [comments]