Bitcoin vs Argentina situation

Hey guys, hope you are having a great time preparing your asses to skyrocketing!

Just to let you know, Argentinian peso situation is getting worse and worse everyday. At the moment, politicians at government are (literally) gifting money to people to guarantee next election in November - I know, embarrassing. Of course printer goes brrrr and I have a lot of useless paper in my wallet.

Nothing new to say: I am all-in Bitcoin, everything safe and lock on Trezor, I do not lose time Orange-pilling nobody because I already learned that lesson, I stay humble and I will be ready to spend my precious BTC when it reaches lifechanging level ($1 m).

I have only one question: Does anybody know a well-working Exchange in LATAM that’s no KYC? We have been using Binance for the last years because of the awesome P2P service, but I am getting a little scared about excessive government and banking controls coming in the next months.

Thank you all! You are an incredible community! submitted by /u/Ashkara2
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