As a larger community, can we please stop being SO desperate for adoption that we are willing to platform any idiot - so long as they signal our mere existence?

WBD Vivek

You really do have to hand it to Vivek. It’s not often that you come across someone who so thoroughly enjoys the smell of his own farts. Maybe the only one who could possibly top Vivek in that department is our big orange wet boy himself. The level of complete delusional arrogance he displays, while at the same time demonstrating a total lack of understanding of how the system actually works is very impressive. Maybe the clearest tell to this community is his admission that he is a $hitcoiner and when pressed jokingly on that his retort is that we're all "purists." Anyone here who believes that if given actual political power Vivek wouldn't take the very first opportunity to leverage the fiat system to enrich himself (he's already done that for years) at the expense of placing the rest of us in a 1000-year CBDC digital prison; then please do contact me because I've got a bridge to sell you. The blowhard sure does know how to talk the talk doesn't he?

In all seriousness people - Bitcoin is NEUTRAL MONEY. It is for you and your enemies. That means when massive charlatans like Vivek or Ted Cruz grift about Bitcoin, our collective response should be: "Thanks but Bitcoin DOES NOT NEED YOUR ENDORSEMENT." submitted by /u/ResponsibleTooth8291
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