Sad day, can’t stay in BTC

Just got the denial call from my disability insurance due to a snafu with the doctor who says “you are disabled, I just don’t have the team to fill out the paperwork” - having to liquidate sucks but have to pay the bills. Funny thing they called as I was going to the ER for another 4 day stay with a severe infection on my liver. Got a lawyer which will cost me 1/3 what I make in a year if I am successful and get it reinstated.

Enjoy the coming days especially with the halving and hopefully ETF decisions - I may try to hang for one more week praying it goes up more but much more than that bills start to drop.

DCA’d small amounts for 2 years each week and a couple big purchases netted me a 25% gain so I can’t complain… think on us little guys when you are all millionaires 🤣🤦‍♂️😭… submitted by /u/ElfUppercut
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