What is the case for keeping a KYC/nonKYC stack?

Hello. It seems many people treat this topic as taboo, so perhaps someone can point me to the forum/fora where it is better explored and discussed. Could be podcast, or youtube, or blog... I don't know where to research it.

So without trying to pretend I already know: What is the case or scenario which favors

* having ONLY a KYC stack
* having BOTH a KYC and non-KYC stack
* having ONLY a non-KYC stack


Another angle on this topic is: For someone who has currently only a KYC stack, why should they consider starting a separate non-KYC stack?

And vice versa.

I am naive about this aspect of btc, and I feel like I need to know more before acquiring more, since it could make a large difference in the future. Thank you. submitted by /u/Boogie_Rock_Playing
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