Why the etf is a huge deal

I am Brazilian so this is not my main language but in south america we understand inflation by birth lol.

Most of rich people are already rich and they have another jobs (or companies) so they don't have the will and time to find a new get rich squeme, they already found one. Now they are going in yatchs with super models and drinking champagne.

But they have advisors from big castles safest places as Black rock. They want security more than returns. Because they are ALREADY rich.

But the advisors are going start to offer ETF bitcoin shares because they get comissions, and say people should buy atleast 5 or 10% of their portfolio in bitcoin because is the fly for quality, absolute scarcity, the unique non inflationary asset of the world (except water but its not scarce).

Constructors can build more buildings, miners can get more gold, etc and of course money print is never going to stop.

So a big move is coming. submitted by /u/marcio-a23
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