I'm not buying Bitcoin because I want more USD, I'm buying Bitcoin because I DON'T WANT USD

I've had family members ask me if I'll sell when it hits $100,000 or whatever. And I respond by saying I'll never sell. They responded with, "why would you never sell? What's the point? Don't you ever wanna live life?" So I have to clarify, I will never sell for USD, because I don't want USD. When I feel like it, I'll use my Bitcoin to buy items I want, like a home, car, vacation, stocks, etc. And if I need to use USD as a medium in order to do that, then I guess I'll sell for USD to then buy the item I want.

That's the conviction that so many people have with Bitcoin. We're not buying it to get more USD, we're buying it to get out of the USD system. Just some perspective, in case some have also been confused by the thought of others saying they'll "never sell."

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