21 Million

Let's be honest here... 21 million is such a small number. On this planet is easily 21million people that can be a wholecoiner. So we can either place our fate and money behind a government issued currency which they literally manipulate, at will, to benefit the elite. Or you can own 1/21millionth of the opposite. Something that can't be altered or manipulated. I'm sorry but ive lost faith in "the system" and I'll continue to work for fiat and spend fiat. At this point though I don't have faith in anything more than Bitcoin.

Ive watch my managed 401k simple bounce around in some system that apparently is setting me up for retirement. It passed me 5% returns this year while my Bitcoin investment is up 100%.

Let's face it. The system is rigged against the small guys. We found Bitcoin and now the ETFs may even be the system trying to screw us again. But in the end they still need 1/21millionth of what we got.

Screw the system. Buy Bitcoin submitted by /u/p0lar1us
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