BTC Dumping

People need to realize that your BTC is dumping in price no different than BlackRocks, Fidelity, etc. These companies are not in the business of losing money or promoting a failed product (ETF). Clearly these ETFs are popular and are continuously being bought. Wait until wealth funds, pensions, and all these other money pits get involved in BTC ETF.

These prices will return to what they were, if not much higher now that more BTC have been bought by these companies in such short time. Couple that with the halving and you have a supply/demand shock we are all waiting for. At that point, BTC will have that priced in and who knows where price well be. Let's not forget that in -10 years, mining will only be able to produce less than 1 BTC. Hence guys like British HODL talking about getting to your 1 BTC.

Better hope you stacked sats in the mean time. submitted by /u/Successful_Nail_9807
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