Global interest in Bitcoin at December 2020 level.. What shall come next?

Apparently we just took a hit due to FTX having sold off a big amount of bitcoin, together with entities either realizing the profits of accumulated GBTC at a big discount, or even bankrupted ones being stucked in it.

In any case, its quite interesting how the sentiment immediately turned bearish, despite we finally having an ETF that allows people to pour part of their pension savings (or all of it!) into bitcoin or institutions to diversify from their 60/40 portfolios.

Potentially what we should focus instead is in the signal, while ignoring the short term volatility.. Think about it. Bitcoiners just scooped more than $1 billion of volume in one day dumped by FTX.

At this moment google searches are looking similar to end 2017 and December 2020, just before the bullish mania.. I am not saying this is what comes in the next few months, but definitely not a time to be scared as we approach the halving.

Let's get back that bullishnes pre-ETF times! submitted by /u/saulabrm
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