Accidentally lost funds on channel opening: Seeking Help

Hello, I initiated a channel opening with Electrum Trampoline using LND through the following command:

lncli openchannel --sat_per_vbyte 16 --private --min_confs=0 03ecef675be448b615e6176424070673ef8284e0fd19d8be062a6cb5b130a0a0d1 1700000 1500000

The issue arose with the parameter 1500000, which represents the "push_amt." According to the documentation, this parameter signifies:

Note that the push-amt is deducted from the specified local-amt, which implies that the local-amt must be greater than the push-amt. Also note that specifying push-amt means you give that amount to the remote node as part of the channel opening.

I see that question

Soo, in other words, this implies that I unintentionally provided 1500000 bitcoins (sats) to the counterparty without receiving anything in return.

The potential solution involves reaching out to the counterparty. However, I'm unable to locate any contact information for the owner of the Electrum Trampoline. The only information available is the IP address:

That is the node:

And that the opening transaction (channel is still open):

Does anyone know contact details for the owner of the Electrum Trampoline? Thanks! submitted by /u/s0093
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