Is emigrating because of freedom concerns (aka. 1984-type of society) a real scenario for you?

I live in Europe and have wife and kids, so this decisions are always more difficult if not even impossible to take, when they affect others.

But I'm growing increasing concerns, that I cannot longer ignore, about where are things going towards in Europe, with topics like:

* the digital Euro
* the eID
* the digital health insurance card
* the digital services act
* the AI act
* and surely many others I'm just not aware of

All these issues are not specific to Europe, so probably others can relate, but probably here's the place where these things get regulated sooner and strictlier than elsewhere but China and North Korea, probably.

My question is simple: have you thought about where's for you personally that red line that, if crossed, would make your country too close to a 1984 scenario, so you would pack your things and take your beloved ones and leave? Because what worries me is that the incremental loss of privacy / freedom from one day to the next one is so little, that it is fairly easy to end up jailed without even noticing it.

If you know where your red line lies, what countries / regions would you even consider, where these issues do not exist / exist to a much lesser degree?

I've always been a moderate citizen and voter. I wonder whether I've become paranoic about these things or these are just the new paths to which the Bitcoin rabbit hole is taking me. submitted by /u/lightbulb-7
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