Addicted to price check

When btc price is decreasing like from end of 2021 to end of 2022 it was quite easy not to look at the price every second. But the bull market makes me wanna look at it everytime I can to see if I am rich already, when I will go lambo and shit like that. Someone could argue it is not an addiction but it really became an habit to unlock the phone and check coinbase app or cmc to see the Bitcoin price every few minutes. The point is I don't wanna sell neither buy, that's why it's so annoying to waste all that time. After acknowledging it, I decided to do something and this is my 3rd day without actively watching the charts. I mean if while reading an article the price is mentioned that doesn't bother me but I would like to delete this toxic habit of continously feeling the need of looking at the chart. The goal now is a full week, it sounds so dumb saying it but who's with me? submitted by /u/emilioermeio
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