Grayscale still hold $25.32 Billion worth of Bitcoin. At an average outflow day, it will take them exactly 3 months until their Bitcoin holdings are depleted.

Since I figured the price of Bitcoin would be a lot higher were it not for Grayscale dumping massive amounts of Bitcoin into the market every day (although these price corrections we're seeing are a healthy sign for Bitcoin), I thought I'd do this very basic math. Please bear in mind these are just figures for the ETFs:

GBTC currently holds 378.17K BTC worth $25.32B

* Assuming a steady outflow rate, at an average of $270.5M per day since January 11th ($25.32B/$270.5M), it will take them 3 months (approx. 93.6 days) until their holdings are depleted;
* Assuming a steady inflow rate, at an average of $261M per day ($25.32B/$261M), it would take ETFs 97.01 days to absorb what Grayscale is dumping.

With the Halving approximately 1 month away, supply shortage can become an issue very quickly.

What're your thoughts on this ?


Bitcoin ETF Flow Table (US$m) | Farside Investors

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