Lessons learned

Just wanted to share with the new ATH buyers who are getting nervous ..

Buckle UP - It will be a wild ride. B4 the last ATH, I bought at 56k + 2 S19s miners , I diamond hands as long as I could but sold at 19k. Lost 100K. Turned off Saylor and finally read The Bitcoin Standard for myself. Bought back at 32. DON’T be me. It was total HELL - and honestly you won’t understand until you go through it. but I learned the hard way. Now IDGAF, I honestly check bitcoin prices maybe once a day.

You will see this Sub go from euphoric to silly to angry to desperate to hopium to MAX pain then it will go silent… that’s when you know the bottom is in. If your actually believe in the fundamentals of bitcoin you will sleep like a baby. If you have less than a five year horizon you are going to shake out like I did. submitted by /u/Mr_Pocket_
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