Nobody knows what's going to happen. Buy Bitcoin because you believe in it as an innovative technological advancement. Don't listen to predictions, don't time the market, just DCA, HODL, and trust.

I'm learning lately that every time you see a post where someone is very confidently stating what will happen to Bitcoin just completely disregard it.

"The price is gonna go to ______ because ________ is __________ tomorrow"

"ATH guaranteed ______ days after the halving"

No one knows anymore than you do. Do your own research and trust in your own judgement.

Bitcoin emerged as a technology out of necessity. After the 2008 Financial Crisis an intelligent generation became aware that the money we based our economy on was headed for the same fate as every currency from every economy in history: a complete devaluation. Bitcoin is the solution to that.

That is why we are here, thats what this is all about. ATH's, 20% corrections, halving cycles, they're all rounding errors in the end anyways right? DCA, HODL, secure your coins, and go live your life. Quit price watching and quit predicting.

God bless

*edit: when I say trust I mean trust in your own understanding don’t let people mislead you, not in reference to any individual or thing submitted by /u/CaptainDr
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