Bitcoin in 5 years

Say Bitcoin goes to 100k or 1M in next few years. My concern is in 5 years, everyone who doesn't have Bitcoin will have bought by then and the rest of people will never buy it. Will we ever run out of people who are new to buying Bitcoin? If in case we do what would be impact on the price? What would be the impact on Bitcoin future?

Edit: In 2010 the reason for someone not being in Bitcoin was they hadn’t discovered it yet. Say now or 2027, the reason for someone not being in Bitcoin is that they know how it works but decided to not get in.

The number of people that were discovering Bitcoin and deciding to get in is approaching zero. Say by 2030 everyone will have discovered about Bitcoin and would have made the decision to get in or not. Zero people will be unaware of it, there is possibility of no new buyers coming in. submitted by /u/jbrar5504
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