Coinjoin Advice

Some advice please! I have been playing around with coinjoining in Sparrow Wallet and Wasabi. I am in the process of moving my funds from Ledger to a Coldcard. If I send the BTC to a Wasabi hot wallet for a coinjoin before transferring to the Coldcard, does it completely defeat the purpose of the coinjoin if I then send the mixed UTXOs to the Coldcard in one transaction? I know it shows common ownership of the new UTXOs, but is there at least still a point in breaking the link from the original Ledger address for some amount of privacy? I would like some degree of added anonymity, but I am also trying to consolidate my UTXOs before fees go crazy in the future. I don't want to end up with a ton of them from coinjoins. If consolidating coinjoined UTXOs completely negates the purpose of doing it at all, then I probably won't even bother for now. This single point of confusion is the only thing keeping me from moving forward with the process at the moment. Thank you! submitted by /u/Skickledyuh
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