I (ubuntu noob) want to assist the network by setting up a Bitcoin node on a Raspberry Pi, but Ubuntu has other plans.

*edit* Solved

* Raspberry Pi 5
* 64GB SD Card
* Ubuntu Desktop LTS 24.04
* Kingston external USB disk 1TB

I have:

* Installed Ubuntu desktop on my Pi 5, and "sudo apt update && apt upgrade"
* Verified that the Kingston disk can be accessed via the 'file manager' in Ubuntu.
* Installed 'Bitcoin-core' (v 27.0) via the Ubuntu app store.

When I click on the Bitcoin node app, I get a prompt (see screenshot) which says 'Approximately 12GB of data will be saved in this directory', and 'when you click OK, an additional 600GB of data will be downloaded', which I don't have space for on the SD card. Therefore, I want to point to my 1TB external Kingston disk, but this is my problem. It's not possible to point to the external disk (which I otherwise access via the file explorer without any issues).

I found a bitcoin-config file which was empty. I tried to add:
datadir=/media/username/KINGSTON but then I can not even start the Bitcoin app without getting error "Settings file could not be written"

What is wrong? Why can I not use my external drive?

(will not answer in DM)


*edit* SOLVED!!

When I tried...
snap connect bitcoin-core:/media/user/KINGSTON
...it finally worked. I just had to specify the full path to KINGSTON (the external drive). submitted by /u/TomAffectionate
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