My Dentist is all in.

I made a post recently about taking the plunge myself back in November, but it occurred to me that one of the people that influenced me most was my Dentist of all people. The other guy that mentioned his kid's Pediatrician talking up bitcoin reminded me.

My dentist - who operates in a smallish town in California has been all in on bitcoin for many years now. He swore if he got crazy rich off of it, he'd continue to provide dental care without charging the clients that had been with him the longest. I think he may have been partially joking, but it was a nice sentiment regardless.

Nearly every time I visit, he mentions Bitcoin. I remember 2 years or so ago I asked him about how his "crypto" was going and he corrected me rather bluntly, that he wasn't into crypto but was into Bitcoin. I understood he was trying to be specific, but until recently I didn't realize how clear he was trying to be that Bitcoin wasn't in the same space as the rest of the crypto products.

Anyway, the guy is probably in his mid to late 50s and he runs a great practice, and I'm actually excited to go to the dentist these days to get his perspective. He serves a mostly older clientele, think retired boomers that are of mostly the conservative persuasion. With as excited as he is about bitcoin, I wonder if he influences his older patients the way he influenced me.

With the amount of Bitcoin he was talking about 5+ years ago, the guy is probably absolutely loaded now. When bitcoin came off its peak a couple years ago I remember him saying "I'm in it for the long run, and I'm not concerned." The dude is smart.

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