Frozen BOA Account going on 6 months

back in December my husband transferred ~$240k from bitcoin to BOA (yes, looking back, it was not ideal to move this amount in one transaction) to fund some expenses for our small business. The bank froze our account and we were told it was under review, rightfully so, we are business owners and understand protocols and security sensitive to money laundering. However, we are going on SIX MONTHS with zero help or any info from the bank. This is our main account and we have no access to any of our funds.

Similar threads we have read had accounts unfrozen at a 2-3 months tops. Has anyone had any similar experiences of their accounts being reviewed for this long and what did you do?

I cannot even explain the mental and physical stress this has put on us. Is there any further action we can take to expedite the process? submitted by /u/Logical_Ad9237
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