need help with the trezor

hello everyone,

first of all i wanted to thank this community and all the knowledgeable people here. you are doing an awesome job in helping people and i already learned a lot of you 🥰 you made me aware of possible dangers and i slowly start to understand what bitcoin really is. so thank you all so so much!!!!!! but long story short, i could need your help. can someone give me step to step instructions on how to move my bitcoin SAFELY to my trezor safe 3 from kraken. of cause i read the instructions from trezor and the instructions from kraken but i am still afraid there are maybe some key points of security they are not talking about 😊 i need to move quite an amount, and i know now i should have done that long before now, but i simply wasn't aware of that 🙄 submitted by /u/contumelia84
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