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Get your priorities right, Get Bitcoin

I did a thing

Bloomberg ETF Analyst Reassures Spot Bitcoin ETFs Will Hold Actual BTC, Amidst Concerns Raises $1.5 Million to Provide Infrastructure for Bitcoin Tokens

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Anyone got a dedicated laptop for BTC ?

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We always have more wins now is the time. you’re not too late let’s

Bitcoin 2023🔥

Everyone use lightning

BREAKING!!! : Barry Silbert has RESIGNED from the board of directors of Grayscale Investments, LLC.

Crypto Project Sues Chainalysis

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i wish i saw this sub earlier

I withdrew 2,000$ worth of btc 13 hours ago to my other wallet. It’s still not even showing up as pending.

How much can change in a couple months

Javier Milei (new Argentina's president) breaking the central bank screaming: "Enough with inflation!"

How I Sleep.

Tis the season. What's your 1 liner when asked about Bitcoin at the dinner table?


Why fractional reserve banking is way more messed up than you think

Desert Mysteries: The Great Oil Game

Fuck The Fed, Go Local

Hash Recon

Newton took 36,000$

The growing number of financial media outlets, organisations, politicians etc that are now pro-bitcoin is nothing short of unbelievable.

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Just got paid my salary in BITCOIN!

Joined the Coldcard club😎

Bitcoin Is Koscher

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Advertising for Bitcoin ETF has started…guess they think their application will get approved. Wait for BlackRock and Fidelity to start advertising Bitcoin

10 years ago today "HODL" was born


Bitcoin is freedom.

I'm not buying Bitcoin because I want more USD, I'm buying Bitcoin because I DON'T WANT USD

It’s Not Just Electricity And Water — Bitcoin Mines Use A Lot Of Air, Too

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🗣 U.S. presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. on bitcoin: “I recognized that freedom of transaction is very important. If the government has the ability to punish you by shutting down your bank account without even charging you with a crime, it has absolute power in making us slaves”

One in Four Americans Own Bitcoin: Unchained Study

FutureBit Announces Apollo II Line of Personal Miners

I have an extreme idea, but it is a good one.

Thats why your portifolio is dead

Block CEO Jack Dorsey Leads $6.2 Million Investment Round In Decentralized Bitcoin Mining Pool

MuSig2 Is Ready Pending Two New BIPs: Introducing A New Era Of Multisig Privacy

WATCH: Block CEO Jack Dorsey to Discuss Bitcoin Mining Decentralization

I made a video on reducing fees while saving/spending in a high fee environment. TLDW: no withdrawal exchange, direct peg-in to liquid, swap to LN for spending, build up and peg out to on-chain when it's efficient to do so. Details in vid.