Initiative that aims to obligate the Swiss National Bank to purchase Bitcoin

Bought it today

Ok I'm a Bitcoin maxi now

ViaBTC Just Mined the 4th Ever Bitcoin Epic Sat During The Halving

Human Rights Foundation Announces Finney Freedom Prize On Fourth Bitcoin Halving

Wall Street Is Buying US Spot Bitcoin ETFs: 13F SEC Fillings

Bitcoin's Turning Point: Counting Down to the Most Important Halving in History


Bitcoin Halving Countdown in Thailand

Bhutan to Boost Bitcoin Mining Capacity by 500% Ahead of Halving

2 days left to halving


Dealing with Unexpectedly Deceased Husband’s Bitcoin?

POV: This sub 1 month from now

Bitcoin in 5 years

Daily Discussion, March 31, 2024

Whats the real inflation rate and how do we know?

Does the gold community have the same “not your keys, not your coins” attitude?

BTC on the London Stock Exchange

Bitcoin saved me from myself.

Bitmain Launches Antminer S21 Pro, Its Most Advanced Bitcoin Miner

The Infosec Basics: How to Keep Your Bitcoin Seed Phrase Secure

The latest Bitcoin Breakdown issue is now live. See a sneak peek of the Quick Bits section below. Full issue link is in the comments.

Addicted to price check

How many of you are maximalists?

FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Sentenced By Judge To 25 Years In Prison

Bitcoin & Public Health: Addressing the Debt-Money Crises

Bitcoin Address Data Now Available In Google Search

Bitcoin ETF Demand Surges, Outpacing Supply by 600%

Casa's New 'Bitcoin Inheritance' Product Aims to Protect Generational Wealth

Nigerian Binance Executive Escapes Custody, Deepening Ongoing Feud

Where are you in your #bitcoin journey a.k.a. Rabbit hole?

Daily Discussion, March 26, 2024

Grandma Might not Know about Computers, but she Knows a lot About Life

Bitcoin: The Entropy Engine

First Nation to Buy Bitcoin El Salvador Passes $400 Million in Holdings

Bitkey wallet review by Block

South American Gold Miner Nilam Resources Files Letter of Intent to Acquire 24,800 Bitcoin

Bitcoin and Taxation: Government On A Bitcoin Standard

Does anyone know of this type of hardware wallet ?

There are an estimated 334 million companies in the world and this is what happens when just 72 of them put bitcoin on their balance sheets.

Argentinians Embrace Bitcoin, Amid Rising Inflation: Report Reveals

Can someone please tell me if its me or is it JP Morgan Analysts that don't understand the basic principles of supply and demand ?

Binance web 3 wallet

I made a poster with all 62 BIPs currently implemented in Bitcoin Core.

Daily Discussion, March 23, 2024

Nobody knows what's going to happen. Buy Bitcoin because you believe in it as an innovative technological advancement. Don't listen to predictions, don't time the market, just DCA, HODL, and trust.

Hardware Bitcoin Tickers - Help me find more

Less than 30 days until the halving

Stratum Reference Implementation Launches SRI 1.0.0 To Enhance Bitcoin Mining

Bit is the right unit. 1 million Bits equal 1 Bitcoin. Every Bit breaks down to 100 Satoshi (just like dollars and cents) It's time to think in millions, not decimals.

Bitcoin's Surge to All Time High: What It Means for Your Investment Future

From Wall Street to Main Street: Are Bitcoin ETFs Signaling a New Era in Crypto?

Everyone has forgotten why bitcoin matters.

Announcing: Pitch Day at Bitcoin 2024 - Discovering the Next Class of Bitcoin Startups

Lessons learned

You NEED To Own Just 0.1 Bitcoin (BTC) - Here's Why | Michael Saylor 202...

Global Wealth by Asset Class

Grayscale still hold $25.32 Billion worth of Bitcoin. At an average outflow day, it will take them exactly 3 months until their Bitcoin holdings are depleted.

This subs a lot cooler during the bear

Grab - South East Asia's Uber - accepting Bitcoin as a payment method

Japan’s Government Investment Fund, the world’s largest pension fund, announces that it will solicit information to diversify operations, targeting bitcoin, gold, etc.

My advice for newcomers on dips

Me during this dip because i bought at $30k and im just waiting for us to go back up

Mentor Monday, March 18, 2024: Ask all your bitcoin questions!

Purchasing BTC

Best cold wallet Offerings

Value of Bitcoin held on exchanges in $USD

Loads of people asking if it’s too late…..😳🤯

Crypto: The World’s Greatest Scam.

Final Agreement On EIA Emergency Survey Released

BITPACS: Emulating DAOs on Bitcoin

Idgaf, I will just hodl and tell my friends who didn’t want to listen that they are f*ing dumb.

Bitcoin surpasses the Russian Ruble to become the 14th largest currency in the world

My wife was not happy with us being 100% on bitcoin

Anduro: A Network of Sidechains

EIA Emergency Survey Preliminary Injuction Hearing Canceled Yesterday

There goes my life savings, wish me luck , will check back one year from now

[2024 Halving Edit] "The 2nd Wave is Coming!" #Bitcoin #BTC 📽️🍿

Daily Discussion, February 28, 2024

The Sabotage of Bitcoin

Bitcoin ATH, inflation adjusted.

Bitcoin Newcomers FAQ - Please read!

Daily Discussion, February 27, 2024

From Dungeons to Bitcoin Billions: Navigating the Ethical Labyrinth of Tim Draper and Ross Ulbricht

MicroStrategy's Bold Bitcoin Acquisition Adds 3K BTC to Its Treasury

*Laughs In Nelson *

Aunt talked to 4 different financial advisors . All said bitcoin is gambling

Accidentally lost funds on channel opening: Seeking Help

Bitcoin speculative attack on fiat currencies: an academic paper from 2013

After 2 years of DCA and saving on everything i finally achieved my goal of having 0.2 BTC😃